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With your help, a world free from animal cruelty is a step closer.

Every donation to WSPA is a gift of a better life to an animal in need.

That's why our generous supporters are the key to helping animals in all corners of the globe achieve lives free from fear, abuse and exploitation. Each donation goes to work instantly to touch the lives of animals that need it most, from bears milked for their bile in China to whales fighting for survival in the world's oceans.

One of the best ways you can help animals is by joining the WSPA Animal Rescue Team with a gift of $30 a month. Monthly donations help WSPA to plan for the future, which is vital for us to help animals in the long term, and to have the ability to act fast in disasters. Or you can make an urgent donation today.

With your help we can build a world where animals matter, and animal cruelty ends.

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