These events are held as sport. We know it as cruelty.

The term bear-baiting doesn’t come close to describing the shocking brutality bears are forced to endure, all in the name of sport.

This cruelty is kept alive in the heart of Eastern Pakistan, by powerful landlords who own a special breed of local fighting dogs, and nomadic bear owners called ‘Kalandars’.

It begins when they’re still cubs . . . 

Bears are stolen from their mothers as cubs and horrifically prepared for fighting with trained dogs at bear-baiting events. These bears have their teeth ripped out, and sometimes their hind claws removed.

This is the horror bear cubs could face unless you and I do something now!

And then they’re forced to fight . . .

At bear-baiting events bears are tethered to a pole and set upon by two or three dogs heavily trained for these fights. The dogs attack the bear’s face, muzzle, mouth and neck. These brutal fights go on for three traumatic minutes. After a break, the bear is often forced to fight again. Up to 3 times a day. For year after year.

You can help us to rescue more bears from the horrors of bear-baiting and help animals around the world. Please take a moment to make an urgent donation or join our Animal Rescue Team with a monthly donation of $30.

With your help, there’s real hope for the future . . .

We can build on the huge successes we’ve already achieved with our local partner organisation in Pakistan, Bioresource Research Centre (BRC): uncovering more illegal events, visiting mosques and asking leaders to include messages against bear-baiting in their Friday prayers, persuading more landlords to turn away from bear-baiting, convincing Kalandars to surrender their bears for cruelty-free livelihoods and working with local governments to improve relevant legislation. 

In these ways — together, we can END BEAR-BAITING in Pakistan. But we can’t do it without your help.

Last year alone WSPA supporters helped to rescue 10 bears from the horrors of bear-baiting. And you can help us rescue more.

Please make an urgent donate now or join our Animal Rescue Team with a monthly donation of $30. If you do, you can help to rescue the remaining 50 bears, help to wipe out this brutal blood ‘sport’ for good and help other animals suffering from cruelty around the world.

Please do all that you can.

Thank you

Dr Jan Schmidt-Burbach
Wildlife Veterinary Programmes Manager – WSPA

For more information about the recent rescue of two bears please click here.